02 October 2018

In Response to "America to Me"

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A Guide to Equity Resources in Oak Park & River Forest

Equity for all children in our community is the cornerstone of SAY’s mission to empower every young person to reach their full potential.

This fall, as families were preparing for the first day of school, the equity discussion was pushed front and center when the first episode of “America to Me” aired. Filmed at Oak Park – River Forest High School over the 2015-16 school year, the documentary focuses on “the effects of race and privilege on education as seen through the eyes of young Americans on the precipice of adulthood.”


Anticipating community interest, SAY partnered with Equity Team graduates of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation's Leadership Lab to devise “A Guide to Equity Resources in Oak Park and River Forest.”

Using information from SAY’s online Library of Community Resources, the one-page guide details “many ways to get involved — direct action, connecting to others on a similar journey, and giving your time or money to organizations doing good work.”

The response has been tremendous.  The high school requested copies for the premiere showing of “America to Me” which they hosted in the school’s auditorium. Every copy was gone before the end of the night. To accommodate demand, SAY and our partners shared a digital version of the guide on social media and at ongoing community events surrounding the documentary.

You can find The Guide to Equity Resources in Oak Park and River Forest in right here, on our website  or listed along with other informational material in SAY’s online Library of Community Resources. 

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