The SAY partnership focuses its efforts on strengthening 3 critical areas of youth development:

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You can’t figure out where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. So we use data as a flashlight, to illuminate where we are and where we should be going.

SAY has developed a shared set of measures regarding our indicators of child/youth well-being that we have used to set targets and regularly collect and analyze in order to determine if we are on track for positively impacting the lives of our most valued treasure – our kids. We update these measures as available and invite you to check back periodically for updates.

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Vision & Mission

Collective Impact

Oak Park and River Forest are communities whose vision is to meet the diverse developmental needs of all youth.

The Communities of Oak Park and River Forest will engage youth, families and their community partners to coordinate and align priorities, efforts and resources to empower every young person to reach her/his full potential.



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