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In collaboration with the Oak Park Public Library, Success of ALL Youth (SAY) facilitated a weekly summer workshop with youth from the community. The group, called Community Builders participated in 7 weeks of sessions, on the following topics:

  1. What makes a strong community?
  2. Challenges youth face in our community
  3. How Collective Impact works to address solutions in a community
  4. Acting as a representative of a community organization
  5. Advocating for change in the community
  6. Why philanthropy is important to the community
  7. Creating the structure for a SAY Youth Council

Participants were introduced to a number of engaging presenters from the community to speak about the topics presented. Speakers included:

  • Kristin Vogen, President & CEO, Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation
  • Cyndee Landrum, Assistant Director for Public Services, Oak Park Public Library
  • Carolyn Newberry-Schwartz, Executive Director, Collaboration for Early Childhood
  • Cathy Yen, Executive Director, Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce
  • Marc Stopek, Editorial Cartoonist/Weekly Sales Manager, Wednesday Journal
  • Stephen Jackson, Community Youth Advocate, Oak Park Township
  • Carrie Summy, Executive Director, The Neighborhood Giving Project
  • Nancy Waichler, Community Philanthropist
  • Rhea Yap, Donor and Grants Officer, Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation

In addition to building knowledge about the community in which they live, the group will also be responsible for creating the structure for a youth council, which SAY will oversee to ensure that the youth voice is part of SAY initiatives throughout its process.
Check out the photos from the Community Builders sessions on the SAY Facebook page