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How does SAY work toward the success of all youth?

SAY uses a method called Collective Impact to engage members of the community, our community partners, in our Mission.

Collective Impact is a commitment, by these community partners, to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem.

Our community partners, including families, educators, local organizations, businesses and others, are asked to align their priorities surrounding the youth in our community, in order to help all youth, from cradle to career, to become empowered to reach his or her full potential.

Engaging Parents & Family

We are resource rich communities with much to offer children/youth and those raising them; but the sheer volume of all there is to know and follow can often be overwhelming. We are working on a number of ways to bring information and resources to you in a clear, timely, and comprehensive way. It is not our goal to reproduce or forward information, but rather to act as a portal for quickly connecting you to what is in the communities of Oak Park and River Forest. If you have any ideas for how we can improve information sharing in our community, please send them to and put “Information Sharing Idea” in the subject line.

Community Resources (Coming Soon)

Click here for categorized lists, descriptions, and links to organizations in Oak Park and River Forest for children/youth and their families

Parent University (Coming Soon)

We are working on a Parent University model that will incorporate current and new sources of information in ways that allow our full range of households to participate. Since ours is a cradle to career model, there will be informational resources that span 0 to 22 years old.