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The mission of SAY is to engage youth, families, and community partners to coordinate and align priorities, efforts, and resources, to empower every child/youth to reach his/her full potential. Since we utilize a collective impact model, our focus is on community alignment and system change, rather than on programming, which is the strength of our partners. Donations to SAY will go toward this work, as well as toward supporting community capacity building and collective alignment efforts, which will make us more effective. SAY will raise funds to sustain areas not normally covered by any of our partners. SAY will not seek to detract from the fundraising efforts of its partners.

Working toward SAY’s mission can offer endless possibilities in strengthening the communities of Oak Park and River Forest. Donors to SAY are investing in the future of Oak Park and River Forest. Show your support for SAY by making a donation to the Success of All Youth Fund at

To find out more about the Success of All Youth and how donating to this fund helps, please contact Linda Francis at(708) 848-1560 or