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How does SAY help businesses?

The goal of Success of All Youth is to engage the whole community, be it parents, families, educators, local organizations, businesses, and most importantly, the youth to work toward a strengthened community where every child is on a clear path to reaching his or her full potential.
Working toward that future can position more young adults to be better prepared to enter the work force, providing businesses with stellar candidates for employment and with individuals within the community who are earning incomes that allow them to support their local businesses. All of which leads the communities of Oak Park and River Forest to a place of stronger community.

How can businesses help SAY?

Businesses can show their support for SAY by making a donation, or by taking advantage of opportunities to volunteer with SAY in a variety of ways.

Businesses who may play a role in current SAY initiatives can become community partners and join in the work toward the success of all youth.